♛ H I M E ♛

Who is this princess?
Shall i enlighten you?

Hello, my name is ‘Tsukiokuhime’ but i usually goes by ‘Tuki’. I’ve been here since 2007 but i left this blog around 2009-2010 period. I have always been a fan of Shimotsuki Haruka and i Ar Tonelico. I will mainly talk about Shimotsuki Haruka, Ar Tonelico, Shikata Akiko, Noriko Mitose, Oku Hanako, Rurutia, Love Solfege, ALI Project, Kana Nishino, and music in general. I’m also a fan of SHINee aka. a SHINee World but i’ll not talk much about them here, please direct to my livejournal if you wanted to see my ramblings about them. As for Anime, i’m now following Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Ao no Exorcist, there’re another titles but these two are what eating me the most.

I’m also translating songs under category; translated by tuki.All translation posted on this blog, starting from 2009, are mostly mine. Please tell me if you saw mistake and kindly credit me if you posted them somewhere, thank you.



2 responses

19 09 2010

😦 you’re going to abandon this place?

25 01 2011

no, i’m not :))

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