I’m annoyed, so, good bye

7 06 2008

I’m sulking about my real life…

I really am annoyed…with them

Annoyed, go away, kamikorosu, wao

I know, they’re just using me…
and today, when i saw their form melted into the horizon, i’ve decided…

No more kind and soft smile from me, no more answer if they ask, no more kind words for them, no more… just nothing.
My princess said i should get close to them, but if i get closer, they’re just getting further.
and in the end, we said; “What’s the point?”

So, i’ve decided, i’ll left them behind. Leaving is not hard, just say a simple “good bye”.
Just who they think they are? Just because they are smarter than me it doesn’t mean they can do anything they want. It’s just me being untrue to myself, hurting my self like usual, that i pleased them, cheer them, all of my time was being waste for nothing. They’re lucky that i never show them the ‘real’ me, the ‘me’ they’re facing until know is the good me. I don’t know how they’ll react if they see the ‘real’ me? I wander, what will they do? How hard i’m going to strike them?

Hmm, blood bathing is a very nice choice, don’t you think? Since i really want to reborn a new into a person that always tainted in blood…

How many times i remembered my self; “this is not where you belong, this is not where you should be, lilim…”
But seeing their face, i can’t help but feel… “why not? Playing with them seems fun, seeing them being lied…why not?”

So, this is good bye, as i watched all of you walking further, good bye.

Watching them, far, far away…

Saa, ima kara, nan no kao wo misete ageyou kana?

Should i show them my true self??

No, i’m not going to stop writting this blog >_< This is just what i feel today.
Thank you…

Thank you for coming, i’m not going to stop, i’m not going to lose.

and may i ask all of you, what are you going if you’re in the same condition as me?





6 responses

7 06 2008

S..Sorry I don’t get it(:I).Who Are you Sulking at?US?
Orika lilim mode…waww

8 06 2008

I’m sulking about my real life, nothing to do with all of you.

9 06 2008

What the…?!!! Aku kok gak nyambung…
Nee-san gpp kan?????

10 06 2008

Iya g papa, lgi dlm tahap recovering….
Thnk U *chu~*

10 06 2008
Frawn Echelon

Surely..The picture of someone who’s taking a blood-bathy above is so scary~

11 06 2008

Ohohoho, that’s Dino-sama of Hibarin…

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