Another Utahime Review, Top 5

22 06 2008

Minna-san, konichiwa! Ogenki desu ka? Hai, hai, ore-sama wa genki desu!! Anata wa? Byouki desu ka? Yada, gobuji ni narinasai! *banging her head on the wall for bad Japanese*

Soreja minna-san, ima… ore-sama want to, once again, reviewing about Japanese singer like I’ve done before. Wakaranai demo, I really love to spoil them =)

First, I want to give you the chart of my top 5 singer!

1. Shimotsuki Haruka/Kukui/Maple Leaf/TieLeaf/MW
2. Rurutia
3. Shikata Akiko/VAGRANCY
4. Ui Miyazaki
5. Jyukai

I really want to mention Abe Asami but sadly this is only top 5 T_T


Second, the songs that I like to listen this past weeks, top 5 also. Please mention that this isn’t my top 5 favorite songs.

1. Ashiato Rhythm – Shimotsuki Haruka
2. Itoshiigo Yo Ballad Version – Rurutia
3. Amayadori [this one never get old] – Kukui
4. La Corelle – Shikata Akiko
5. Mamorasete – Ui Miyazaki


Third, top 5 game, no, no, not that. The reason why I like to listen for the song above…


1. Ashiato Rhythm is a song of your journey of life, as you can see in my translation pack. It gives you nice feelings for it’s catchy and simple yet enchanting tune. The song and lyrics was made by Shimotsuki-san herself, I really like to listen this song. It makes me remember about what I had done before me, reviewing the happiness I’ve got and the pain that was left. I think Shimotsuki write this song as the review of her carrier. As I read someone mentioned this before, “Shimotsuki’s song is about story…”, indeed, true. That’s why I really love her lyrics, it has her own style. I suspect this songs would end up the same with Amayadori…


2. Itoshiigo Yo Ballad Version is actually the same with original, but I found my self listening to this one more than the original lately. This version, as said Ballad Version, is more calming and soothing, while the original version has some mysterious feelings in it, this one lack of it. This song still able to bring tears to my eyes. Being the very first single of Rurutia, the original Itoshiigo Yo left a very wonderful impression on me. Itoshiigo Yo is a story about a lover, I would say it’s a little suicidal[?] since I watched the video where it seems she kills her lover, but I don’t know.  Itoshiigo Yo has very unique style of lyrics, where love song usually filled with your expression of how wonderful love is, this song is different, it’s kinda sad itself. The ballad version is now more enchanting that the original version but I still love the two of them.


3. Amyadori… I remember I first listening to it was when I was on my last year of junior high school, how many years had passed I wonder? But this songs still has the same effect on me, it always made me sad, the tune is slow and calm, but tragic and sad at the same time. I like how Shimotsuki bring her voice higher at the chorus part, it’s so… I don’t know, it just so wonderful that I can’t describe, My did a really great job on composing this song. This song, as I mentioned, seems never get old no matter how many times I listen to it. Usually, I would skip a song which I listened too much, but not this one. There’s something in this song that makes me too attached with this song. Amayadori is another Kukui/Shimotsuki’s pieces meand it’s still a story. The very first part of lyrics strikes me hard; “Why does someone’s whishes for happiness sometimes sounds a little egoist?” That’s true indeed, and it makes me always remember that no matter what we do, human is egoist. The rest of the song is very wonderful, you better listening to this song when it’s raining, as the title said, ”Waiting For The Rain”.


4. Maybe I’m a bit bored with Suiren then I listen to this song. Another awesome job from Shikata. I don’t know what language she uses that I can’t tell anything about the meaning of this song. But La Corelle is simply amazing. The songs is, as expected from Shikata, has very intense fantasy feelings on it, Shikata’s voice is very transparent at the beginning and grew more solid on the chorus, despite the fact how wonderful the background voice blend together. Shikata success on impress me with this one, she really is awesome you know. I’m waiting for her duet with Shimotsuki which I hope will come soon if AT3 really is released, the two of them will really really bring me to tears just listened to them. La Corelle has intense feelings of fantasy, it’s calm and soothing in the beginning but as the song goes, the tune grow a bit faster, the way she blends the background voice and the main voice is really awesome.


5. Umm, I know Ui Miyazaki is originally a seiyuu, but i can’t help falling in love with her very cute voice and when I listened to ‘Kurenai’, I know she’s going to be my favorite singer. Mamorasete come with another song called ‘WE LOVE YOU’ [a play words of ‘UI LOVE YOU’, UI and WE sounds the same, nee?]. I think Mamorasete can be both love song of friendship song, but it strikes me as friendship song. The song tell us that we’re not alone, we have someone that always want to protect us, and they’re inside our heart. The tune is like normal J-POP song, but the chorus haunted me to no end [in good ways, not like EXEC_PURGER/. Misha Extracting which haunted me that I can’t sleep the whole night] it’s very nice and happy song with simple yet enchanting tune.


Next, my top 5 favorite songs!!… One from each singer cause I don’t want to fill them all with 4 Shimotsukin’s song in it, not only from our Utahime I tell you.


1. Amayadori-Kukui
2. Hitoribocchi no Sadame-Kondo Takashi
3. Itoshiigo Yo-Rurutia
4. Famiglia ~ Yakusoku no Basho De ~-Vongola Famiglia to be short.
5. Suiren-Shikata Akiko

Yes, HIBARI-SAMA WIN OVER RURUTIA & SHIKATA!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! AND EVEN FAMIGLIA BEAT SHIKATA & UI AND ANOTHER WONDERFUL SINGER DESPITE IT’S LACK OF WONDERFUL SINGER ON THE SONG IT SELF!!!! Why you ask? I’ll give you the reason later, alos, because I had reviewed the first position [Amayadori] & the third [Itoshiigo Yo], I’m going to give the review the 3 songs only.


2. Hitoribocchi no Sadame is Hibari Kyouya character song. Do not underestimate this song, despite only a character song of an anime and was performed by normal seiyuu not those seiyuus like Ui Miyazaki or Sakamoto Maya or whoever they are which usually scored very good on singing, this song along with it’s single ‘Sakura Addiction’ was ranked on 7th of Oricon Chart!! MWAHAHAHAH!!!What a very wonderful thing. This song really fit Hibari, had the ‘Wao’ part in it, but sadly, no ‘Kamikorosu’ part on. I really like this song, I think this song match my self as well. Hibari-sama, being all ‘I do what I want and no one rule me, if you dare to come close and try to order me to do something, I’ll bite you to death. I hate crowd so go away or I’ll bite you to death, don’t talk to me or I’ll bite you to death’ person, is almost the same with me. I don’t like when someone order me to do something, I do something I want and I won’t do something that I don’t want to, I really hate crowds, especially the very loud and noisy one, but of course I don’t bite someone to death. The song is actually very sad, and Kondo-san’s voice is not very bad. You should listen to this song, especially when you feel like to be alone and hating the world around you. Yes, I was listening to this song over and over again along with Amayadori when I was down, feel neglected by my friends. The songs has a soft[? I don’t know how to describe this] and grow a bit tragic on the chorus, yes, the chorus is heart breaking one if you understand the meaning of it.


4. You maybe will think like this after listening to this song; “WHAT THE HELL??? How could this song beat Shikata, Miyazaki, Mitose, & another wonderful singers?? They have bad vocal for god’s sake!!” . All I want to say is everyone’s taste is different. I really like a song like this, performed by more than one person [Paduan Suara in Indonesia, I don’t know what it called in English], performed together and this song is titled ‘Famiglia~Yakusoku no Basho De~ which means ‘Family~At The Promised Place~’. I can feel the togetherness in this song being a song of a family. This song is wonderfully made only for Katekyo Hitman Reborn, for Vongola Famiglia. Listening to this song while reading the manga is very good, you can find how well this song matched and describe our beloved Famiglia. Despite lacks of good vocals, [Only Kyoko, Haru, I-Pin, Hibari, & Mukuro have good vocal] the song it self is very good. It’s…I don’t know how to describe the tune, it’s nice and calming, and the last chorus part where they sing together is awesome, I also like the part when the guardians singing their own ring symbol. The song is very awesome, I love it to death [Shinekorosu? Nah, I should learn Japanese more]. And I still can’t believe Hibari sing like that…


5. The first-non Ar Tonelico song of Shikata that able to touched my heart dearly. The songs is so soothing and calming. The tune is soft and slow which rised later as the song goes. Lately, I’m very fond of word ‘Nemuri’ or ‘Sleep’. This song is full of it which also the reason why I love this very much. Suiren is another Shikata’s typical Japanese song, so gentle and warm, a very nice lullaby. I can imagine a wide clear lake under the bright shine of the moon on the dark ethereal night, where the watelily blooms softly and there’s a couple on the middle of the lake, they ‘seme’ one is holding the ‘uke’ one on his arm, while the ‘uke’ one feel asleep. It’s very wonderful picture. Suiren has some love song feelings on it, beside the still intense fantasy feeling. Her voice here is so transparent and child-like, I like this kind of vocal, fading away softly as the song goes, like a soft whisper, even tough I like Rurutia’s more in this case. Shikata’s voice is so angelic here, it’s not to ‘forced’ like the other song. I found some of her voice is a bit forced when she produced this kind of ‘child-like voice’ like how in ‘Navigatoria’, but here, it’s free and very nice, as if she become the one with the music. Shikata is really awesome here.


Fifth, I want to describe what kind of voice my top 5 had!! Soredewa, douzo…


1. Shimotsuki : Calm, relaxing, very soothing, cheerful, and sometimes empty yet strong and powerful. Her voice is ear relaxing in every kind of song. I like how she doesn’t need to change her voice drastically for each different kind of song, that’s why you’ll find that Shimotsuki has a very wide variety of music pieces. She’s capable of bring her voice without change it too much. Shimotsuki’s voice also could be consider as empty sometimes, like how she sings for Kukui songs [Yoru no Okusou]. She’s also able to produce child-like voice, and her vocal can be strong, too. I’d like to say her voice is sometimes heard ‘motherly’ for her soothing vocal and ‘friendly’ for her cheerful vocal.


2. Rurutia : Calm, soothing, mysterious, wind-like voice, so enchanting and ethereal, transparent that her voice is like a ghost. She sings as if whispering, I love it. But even if her voice sounds like fading away, her voice is still rich and full unlike some other singer which seems has ‘hole’ in their voice. But I like those voice which had ‘hole’ on it, it’s nice too in my ears. Rurutia’s voice is like a ghost, whispering to our ears and sent shivers throught mour spines. It’s too gentle but strong at the same time. She sings sometimes as if she’s crying desperately. That’s why I love Rurutia very much. She sounds like a ghost, a beautiful ghost.


3. Shikata Akiko : Mysterious, wind-like voice, like a whisper, transparent yet so strong, fading away but slowly return solid, an angelic voice. Her voice is like an angle, so soft and gentle. But also capable of being too strong and solid like what she did in ‘EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/. Ee Wassa Sos Yehar’, I don’t like this one. I notice that Shikata has many kind of voice which we somehow can’t describe it’s her, but we know it’s her. There’s the transparent one like how she sings in foreign language [Luna Piena], child-like [Suiren], strong yet gentle [Mahoroba], and too strong [EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/. Ee Wassa Sos Yehar], which is wonderful for a singer. I’d like to say her voice is ‘angelic’.


4. Ui Miyazaki : so child like and innocent, yes, indeed, her voice is actually what you can call; ‘Loli’. [Yes, Miyazaki is very cute her-self]. Her voice is also strong, powerful and solid, full of energy, and very cute. Miyazaki has this kind of ‘child-like’ voice but mature at the same time. Her song is usually cheerful like ‘WE LOVE YOU’ but she also sings a kind of serious song like ‘FATE’. Sometimes, her voice is also a bit of mysterious. I’d like to say her voice is ‘LOLI’, mwahahahaha!!! No, no, that’s not right.


5. Jyukai : I don’t have many thing to said about Jyukai expect that the voice of the vocal is so adult and calming. So relaxing and calming. I like her voice for it’s tenderity. I’d like to say that her voice is somewhat ‘motherly’.


Shi       Shirabe wo kanadeta hito wa             The person that play the melody
Mo       Mou ichido, onaji no seirei                 once again, same sacred spirit
Tsu       Tsumuida Kaze no Uta                        the woven song of wind
Ki         Kira Kira inochi e michibihite             lead to shining life

Ha        Habatakeru, hakanai no hane            the spreaded, fragile wing
Ru        Rujishite ni hibiita                               echoes similiary
Ka        Kanata kara tsuki no rakuen e            to the far away paradise of moon

Shi       Shibaraku tatazumu tenshi wa           The angel that stand for a while
Ka        Kanata no rakuen ni utau                   sing in the empty paradise
Ta        Tada onaji no neiro wo kurikaesu sae Even if she only repeating the same melodies

A          Atarashii inochi wa umarekawaru     the new life still born
Ki         Kikoeta no nara, shibaraku                 if you heard that
Ko        Kodoku wo wasurete shimashou        Let’s forget our pain for a while

More to come later, jaa naa!




18 responses

22 06 2008

Eh, boku sukkkkkk banget yang Suiren. Lagunya itu loh…..
Eh, boku juga seneng ama lagunya Akiko Shikata yang pake bahasa Itali (Nishikaze no Okurimono, Sorriso, Se L’aura Spira, Luna Piena, Mare, dll). Boku baru menyelesaiin terjemahannya ke bahasa Inggris, tapi ya baru beberapa coz kamus bahasa Itali nya agak kurang lengkap. Bisa diliat di
Pokoknya bagus deh 😀

24 06 2008
Frawn Echelon

Lho…ternyata Ui dibaca U-wee ya?
boku pikir dibaca Yu-i,jadinya Yui Miyazaki…haha~
Hm,seiyuu-nya Aurica ama Jakurin/MiR?
Ya,memang suaranya cute/loli…denger di drama CD side Shurelia.
tapi Kalo mau adu Loli ama suaranya Mitosen,siapa yang menang coba?(:D)

boku belum pernah dengar suaranya Miyazaki-san waktu nyanyi seh.Ah ya..opening songnya Kanokon dinyanyiin ama dia kan?boku pikir dia sambil jadi seiyuu juga(sebagaimana Mizuki Nana di anime Rosario x Vampire),ternyata nggak ya…berarti karir musiknya lumayan bagus dong?

I..I don’t have any Idea who Jyukai is…

Tunggu sebentar…
Review SUIREN-nya Shika~tan diatas berbau Yaoi-sm?Aww man…(XD)

As expected from my Shika~tan…well trained singer I’m proud of…
Hm?Duetnya Shika~tan dan Shimotsukin kan udah ada di EXEC_with.METHOD_METAFALICA/ ?

24 06 2008

Bukan berbau yaoi juga sih… abis bingun, maksudnya seme=cowoknya, uke=ceweknya…
Gomen, jadi misunderstanding…
Miss u senpai…
Jyukai itu yg nyanyiin endingnya Fate/Stay Night

24 06 2008
Frawn Echelon

Hime-sama selalu pake istilah itu kalo udah tentang doujin KHR kan…dan sepertinya istilah paten(:D).
Boku baca di wikip,seme dari kata “semeru” artinya serang[cowo?] dan uke dari “ukeru” artinya menerima[cewe?]…itu istilah dunia “H” kan…
gimana ga salah paham coba(:D)?

hm,AT3?administratornya Lady Tylia?kok dia gak Loli kaya Shurelia ma Frelia?[liat dari scanned fanbook].Hm…daripada Rurutia,boku lebih “stuck” ke YUI Yoshioka…ga masuk favorit Hime-sama seh,suaranya gak kalah bagus dari Utahime-tachi diatas.

Kalo ngebandingin Shimotsukin ma Shikatan,mirip kaya ngebandingin apel ma Jeruk…sulit untuk Obyektif,beneran!

25 06 2008

Gomen gomen, abis bingung… hehhe…

25 06 2008
Frawn Echelon

jadi…Hime-sama ngebayangin itu waktu dengerin SUIREN?hehe…terserah deh.

nanggapin yang ada di review La Corelle…AT3 BELOM ADA untuk sekarang ini(AT2 aja belom ditranslasiin).Kemungkinan selalu ada kan?Menara Ar tonelico ada 3…nanggung kali kalo serinya cuma 2?di Artbooknya aja ada desain chara Lady Tylia,Administrator menara ketiga.
kenapa dia gak Loli…(XD)

Menanggapi aja.Ya…vokal Shika~tan menurut boku cukup fleksibel.Jangkauan nadanya juga lumayan tinggi,walau gak sampe melengking.Mitosen juga sama,dari suara “Loli” sampe suara “dewasa” yang khas.Mereka berdua agak mirip dalam hal ini.
Waktu denger HOLLOWnya Shika~tan jadi inget waktu Mitosen nyanyiin EXEC_DESPEDIA/ yang nge-rock(kebanyakan lagu mitosen sepertinya memang genre ini).HOLLOW lebih gothic dan suram.Aneh,tapi lama2 suka juga.Daripada La Corelle,menurut boku masih bagusan Hana Kisou.Yang masih gak nyaman di kuping boku tinggal EXEC_over.METHOD_SUBLIMATION/.~ee wassa sos yehar.
ni lagu sama anehnya kayak EXEC_SOL=FAGE/.lagunya Ishibashi…boku udah lupa kapan terakhir dengerinnya…
jahat ya…

Anyway…apa Ar tonelico bisa jalan di Emulator PS2 ya…

26 06 2008

mungkin bisa…
Tyria itu di artbook AT 1? Dya emang nongol, Aurica itu semacam reinkarnasinya gitu deh…
Klu teori ore-sama…
AT 1 di translasi = AT 2 dibikin
AT 2 di translasi = AT3 dibikin
n mungkin kita harus nunggu 1 tahun lg?

Emang ore-sama punya kuping aneh kali ya, ore-sama suka sma EXEC_SOL=FAGE??? Waduuuh, kasian ishibashi… 😀
Hanakisou juga bagus tapi ore-sama lbh suka La Corelle krn lebih misterius…
Kadang” ditelinga ore-sama suara Shikata itu agak ‘terlalu’ diteken, kaya’ di ‘Radio Youho’…

26 06 2008

Boku liat videonya Akiko Shika~tan pas nyanyi Luna piena. Wew, kayaknya Shika~tan nih sangat menghayati lagunya, sampe2 pengen makan mic nya tuh. Bukan mo ditelen, tapi mau dijilatin kayak es krim aja 😀

27 06 2008
Frawn Echelon

Amin deh…harapan terakhir tuh,soalnya ga semua game mau dimaenin pake Emulator.

Ha~h…Video klip Shikatan baru itu doang.Yang lainnya ada sih,kalo ga salah klip openingnya Princess Tutu…lagunya Utau Oka EXEC_HARVESTASYA/ sama Umineko Naku Koro ni Kai[yang ini kayaknya editan ngaco…soalnya yang ada di video klipnya malah Higurashi Naku Koro ni Kai?].Yang lainnya…Sorriso(mungkin?boku lupa :P),cuma video pemandangan kota2 di Eropa ditambah lirik dengan bahasa emm..Perancis?

Yang lainnya malah makin ngaco lagi…Utau Oka Harmonics FRELIA featuring Hatsune Miku[dari vocaloid,software vokal sintetis]…klip Openingnya AT2,cuma ditambah lirik kanji ma vokalnya diganti jadi suara cewe yang appearance-nya anime-style,Lolita kuncir dua berambut biru kehijauan yang megang “negi”…ya Hatsune Miku(ada yang bilang Mix)

reinkarnasi gimana?mereka gak seberapa mirip…lagian bukannya 3 tower eksis di waktu yang sama?Tylia kan kan seumuran ma Lady Shurelia n Frelia…eh,berapa digit?

TIDA~K…moga2 itu cuma konsep doang…[yang bersangkutan belum nongol kan?]

Waktu denger EXEC_SOL=FAGE ga tau kenapa jadi inget Byakuya Gensoutan…ada bagian yang mirip?[cara nyanyinya]
di EXEC_SOL=FAGE Shimotsukin nyanyi dengan cara yang gak biasa.Rada maksa n kayaknya…gimana gitu…

Mitose stuffs…are they extincted from network?

28 06 2008

Shikatan live cuma Luna Piena doang, mw nonton Team Entertaiment Live ACT, ada EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/. versi live… GYAKUSAI MEET ORCHESTRA 2008 DVD CEPET KELUAR DONG!!! >_<
Di AT1 sih dikasih tw begitu…
mungkin di AT3 g ada admin ato mungkin ada…
Ngomong” tu 3 org kan umurnya ribuan taun… -_-

28 06 2008
Frawn Echelon

ato mungkin gak ada AT3…
pusat ceritanya kan di menaranya…kalo ga ada Admin berarti terbengkalai dong.Kalo memang mau dilanjutin ke AT3,mungkin Cocona-chan bakal muncul disitu?
itu beneran ada?EXEC_PHANTASMAGORIA/. versi live?maksudnya yang bisa didownload gitu…

29 06 2008

bukan, konser live phantasmagoria, Mitose, Shikata, & Shimotsuki konser live…

29 06 2008
Frawn Echelon

…Itu kan udah lewat
Yang dulu Hime-sama bilang ngeselin karena ga ada yang ngerekam konser sebagus itu,kan?

Too bad~

29 06 2008

yaaaah, padahal pengen liat tuh 3 istri2 boku nyanyi. wakakakakaka

30 06 2008

Iya, hiks… tinggal nungguin Gyakusai Orchestra nih… Klavier…

12 08 2008
Katekyo Hitman Reborn Awesomeness « Palace behind The Moon

[…] i really love ‘Famiglia ~ Yakusoku no Basho de~’ more than even Shikata’s song i mean, this one…Yes, i really […]

14 08 2008

ada yg uda denger EXEC_Phantasmagoria ver Tohou?

13 10 2014
state parks

state parks

Another Utahime Review, Top 5 | Palace behind The Moon

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