Ar Tonelico Trio’s New Project

10 08 2008

The trio [Shimotsuki Haruka, Shikata Akiko, Mitose Noriko] is going to release their new projects…

Shimotsuki’s New Project : Sacred Doors ~ Another Tale ~

top.jpg Another Tale picture by DarkWingedPhenix

The continuation of her previous works, Sacred Doors Vol 1 & Sacred Doors Vol 0 ~ Yuragu Sora ~. Her works under the name of ‘Maple Leaf’. This might be another ethnic/folk music of her, i hope she composed many songs for this album cause i like her own composed song more than anything else. Hinayama Nao & Manyo are participating in this album. I love Manyo…

Shikata’s New Project : Kara Cola ~ Hymmnos Orgel Collection ~

jake250.jpg Kara Cola picture by DarkWingedPhenix

As it said, compillation of Hymmnos songs from Ar Tonelico with 1[?not so sure] new song. Nedless to said, i’m waiting for this even tough i already have almost all of the songs here, this still worthed it… The cover is so beautiful…

Mitose’s New Project Vierge Automatique

I’m not so sure what infomation i should give about this album since all i can find is something like a trailer video. Mitose’s works is something hard to get and i’ll looking forward to it.

Ever wander why Shimotsuki’s blog is full with picture of foods?

5434215.jpg picture by DarkWingedPhenix
so, she also has a cat…a fluffy one…i remember that she also has a parrot with her…

and is this mitose’s room?

Nice room, white and clear, i like it




6 responses

10 08 2008

U~~!!! LAma Kluarnya!!! I Love Sacred Doors!!

10 08 2008

gak lama koq lol..
cuma selisih 2 minggu sama maple leaf c74 xD

11 08 2008

ore mau kucingnya Shimott:D~

11 08 2008

Hongfire lg eror yah?

11 08 2008

Hiiiii, Shimotsuking…
pengen kucingna ama orangnya 😀

18 08 2008

Actually, the Kara*Cola album is all those hymns remixed in orgel style.

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