This Week’s Music

8 11 2008

Most played :

1. Katakoi-Shikata Akiko
2. Eien – Shimotsuki Haruka
3. Arigatou – SunsetSwish
4. Last Night, Good Night – Hatsune Miku *this song is so persistent ^ A ^*
5. Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube – Death The Kid, Liz & Patty Thompson

Yeah, i’ve begin new fandom, Soul Eater!!
Because i’m generous and all, here, Sore ga Bokura no Michishirube for you!

And you must realized that i spend time less and less here, i rarely answer your comment and no new post or entry. I guess i spend my time more and more on my LJ lately, i dunno why – A –
But i’m not going to abandon my beloved palace of course, i just love this place so much, here, i met many awesome peoples, thank you everyone *bow down*
ArTonelicoII.jpg Ar Tonelico II image by ma4ever86

Let’s hope that Tsuki-chan will return here as soon as posibble with many many interesting topics!!!




3 responses

8 11 2008

aku sudah lihat sebagian isi LJ itu…UGH!*ditabok*

Don’t need to worry,Hime-chan^_^.It’s not an Obligation for You to write updates oftenly.Just take Your time and write anytime You want and about anything such as Rants,funny stories,Infos etc.Like I said,since this is Your blog,just do as You please.Visitors are just visitors,they have no right to complainXD

not important,my Week’s Chart btw*whacked*
1.Hakanaku mo Towa mo Kanashi – UVERworld
2.Kiniro no Chousou ~Uruwashi no Bansan~ – Shikata Akiko
3.Prototype – Ishikawa Chiaki
4.Zips – T.M. Revolution
5.Howling-Inch-Up – Abingdon Boys School
(I just still listen to “Old” songs though o_O,whatever…)
Well then…
Have a nice week,Hime-chan^^

9 11 2008

Shikata’s laugh rulez ^ A ^

9 11 2008

Yup d=(^_^)
bagian itulah yang paling berkesan dari lagu itu
Shika~tan LOLz so hard!
what an awesome shock…XD

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