Great Artist

12 12 2008

Uuu, because i think i should revive this blog again, here, best artist from my point of view, enjoy…
Who knows you might like them too or if you don’t know anything about them you can start to like them ^^

– Minekura Kazuya –

[Known mostly for : Gensoumaden Saiyuki series] [Other notable works : Wild Adapter/Shiritsu Araiso, Bus Gamer]

What i like from Minekura Kazuya is her artworks are dead gorgeous, clean lines, wonderful color, sometimes dark color sometimes colorful, sometimes vector style, we can easily know the feelings she wants us to get, wether it’s light feelings or dark feelings. Her drawing style is also perfect, her artworks is very very detail until the smallest part and the way she draws body is simply amazing. Being a female doesn’t stop her for drawing the most drop dead gorgeos and yet, toned men. Even sometimes, her monochrome picture is worth drooling over.
Minekura Kazuya is my biggest influenced in my drawing style *if you were following my journey back then, you’ll know how she chaned my drawing style* and is currently my fav artist ever.

if only you know how this one is killing me

And…MINEKURA JUST MADE MY DAY!!!She used one simple color into something like the best coloring ever

a realistic style by Minekura…*faints*

– Oh Great! aka. Oogure Ito –

[Known mostly for : Tenjou Tenge & Air Gear]

Oh Great!’s artwork is somewhat realistic and somewhat manga style. He draws like Minekura, including the most detailed part of his image. Working until the smalles detail of accesories. Oh Great!’s accesories are awesomely made and well done, with every detail on every curve. His coloring style is also beautiful, simple yet able to pulled the charism of the once monochrome picture.
His human drawing is propotional, even though sometimes, way too big breast doesn’t matter because it simply fits the whole body propotion. Even though i have to admit his drawing is not very stable, sometimes good sometimes bad and lack of details.

Ringo~ my fav girl of Oh Great!

You should know better who my fav chara of all, Agito & Akito.

i never read Tenjou Tenge before, but i know the story and it seems wonderful enought, not to mention the artworks also beautiful…

Obata Takeshi –

[Mostly known for : Hikaru no Go, Death Note] [Other notable work : Bakuman]

Who does not know Obata Takeshi should stop him/her self claiming thyself as anime/manga lover, because you just suck!! It’s like a sin after all events happened regarding the Oh so popular Death Note. Ooba works are also beatiful, more realistic in many way, simple yet enchanting, simply has his won style for coloring and detailing his works, gorgeous, epitome of art, etc, etc…i just don’t know what to say…
He also took part in the new castlevania~

Like the most gorgeous image i’ve ever seen

using his more realistic style in Death Note, Obata-sensei is using more anime/manga style in his new creation, Bakuman.

Matsumoto Temari –

[Mostly known for : Kyou Kara Maou] [Other notable works : various yaoi doujinshis]

Matsumoto Temari’s artwork is typical yaoi artist art but more and more beautiful and less manly that i took it ok when reading her doujins, some artist just eewww-ing me with their arts but not with her. Her coloring style is simple while she has ceratin feelings with the way she draws her eyes. Not as detailed as 3 above, Matsumoto-sensei still did splendid job on her arts, making her one of my inspiration beside Minekura.
However, she sometimes draw charas with same facial features which confused me. Overall, her style is softer that 3 above.

From KKM manga, it looks different that in anime, nee?

Umm, nuuu, certainly not Gwendal & Wolfram. Sometimes, her charas just look the same with another…

Nagi –

[Mostly known for : Ar Tonelico]

The infamous NAGI, the mastermind behind those drooling-worth girls from the infamous Ar Tonelico. His drawing is simple yet wonderful and enchanting, showing sexy curves with color combination between skin’s color and gleaming white skin color. However, he’s not that detail with hair and sometimes, simply left the color to take care of the hair strands. Typical anime/manga eyes, slighlty rectangular shaped eyes with 2 beads *sometimes 1* never ceased the beauty of his arts. However, his style changes *a bit* drastically as Ar Tonelico 2 came out, his eyes style changes, using eye-lashes unlike the way he used before and sometimes, the hair is less detailed, using more bright color and different style of nose, and sometimes, less gleamy skin!!! *hey, i’m a girl but why do i sounds like pervert old man?*
But still, his artwork is amazing~

The first time we ever see his work, Ar Tonelico, the hair is still detailed here- AND YES!!! THAT GLEAMS ON HER LEG!!!

You hafta notice the way he draws their hairs are different from AT1

– Yamamoto Kana –

[Mostly known for : NiouYagyuu of PoT doujinshi *coughcough*, Di(e)ce]

NOW, I SHALL INTRODUCE YOU TO A MRE NEW COMER FROM WORLD OF MANGA BUT AN IDOL FROM WORLD OF DOUJINSHI, YAMAMOTO KANA!!!! Umm, so, i know most of you probably staring into what she’s mostly well knwon for, but, hey!! Doujinka is an artist as well, not to mention she just came with another worth-drooling over manga, Di(e)ce. Yamamoto’s drawing is simple, not way too detail, but gorgeous. Considering she’s kinda newbie *no!!!she has been working since 2003 or so…* her artworks is worth drool over *urm, yeah, bishounen ^^*Her art also has soft feelings like how Matsumoto Temari has *maybe because they’re coming from same area*
But still, hers is drop dead gorgeous~
Also, what i like about her is the one who made her story, Saki Oto. There’s almost no yaoi scene in her works, there’s some but not shown as bold as other doujins, makes her doujin, despite being ghei doujin, is somehow innocent. As for Saki Oto, she’s like the best doujin story writer ever, making so many heartbreaking and heartwarming scenes at the same time, accompanied by Yamamoto’s gorgeous artwork, damn, they’re like the most evil colaboration ever. They has 2 works that i always crying over whenever i read them, one being ES21 and one being NiouYagyuu.
01-1.jpg picture by DarkWingedPhenix
From her NiouYagyuu doujinshi ’10+2′
di_e_ce_v01_ch01_entropy_di_e_ce_v0.jpg picture by DarkWingedPhenix
From Di(e)ce…*faints*

Now, some of you might ask something like this; “Whut? I thought you’d say that Amano Akira of KHR is the best of all, wheres’s Kishimoto and his Naruto, or Tite Kubo with his Bleach, Hoshino Katsura D.Gray.Man, Murata’s Eyeshield, even worse, THERE’S NO CLAMP!!!

Ok, i didn’t list them as great and there’s a reason behind it.
They simply did not leave impression as much as the 6 artits above left on me.
Their arts are great and gorgeous but not enough to left mark on my heart *bleh!!* Their artworks are pretty the same or sometimes looks alike, pretty common and decent for some anime manga, not to mention i don’t like Kishimoto’s coloring style and Tite Kubo’s harsh lines, even Oh Great! has nice and neat lines for the ever so violence Tenjou Tenge.
CLAMP??OK, why would i like someone with legs too long and skinny like Ichihara Yuko, uninterested eyes and somewhat way too simple arts, WHERE THE HELL IS THE OLD CLAMP IN MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH!?!?!?! SHOULD I MENTION HOW SCARY LELOUCH HANDS SOMETIMES IS?
I don’t listed them as great because their art quality is like going down now, so, sorry for CLAMP’s fans, i’m no longer on their side T A T

Ok, so…Konohamaru couls use Rasengan now and what next? Naruto can use Chidori or Tsunade is Pain’s mother? Heh, i don’t think i’ll be surprise anytime by now…




7 responses

12 12 2008

Kalo ngomongin Mangaka,yang menurutku seorang yang Baka sekaligus Jenius itu ya Eiichiro Oda.dari arwork,mungkin secara umum orang menganggapnya biasa ato nggak menarik(menurutku malah Unik),tapi ide ceritanya benar2 fresh n Gila abis.
Setuju banget soal Nagi -sensei btw
Artwork-nya benar2 cantik(terutama dari segi warna)

13 12 2008

Wah kalo urusan gambar menggambar saya kurang mahir (nggak sabaran!!!) dan nggak begitu mengenal Mangaka…

Tapi Menurut saya semua yang di atas sono bagus-bagus
Terutama yg Ar Tonelico itu…

16 12 2008


17 12 2008

Oda- sensei…
kalo dibilang kualitas gambarnya turun sih iya,sedikit…
Tapi nggak separah Naruto deh
dari segi Cerita sih menurutku makin bagus kalo dibandingin Naruto juga
mungkin bakal semakin panjang sih,tapi nggak masalah kalo kualitas ceritanya dijaga^^

25 12 2008
annette felice

Kalo soal Clamp..yah..bener juga sih..
Kalo g salah yang nggambar design-nya gantian kan..
ada yang imut banget kayak Rayearth Sakura n Kobato..
Ada yang “kurus kering” kayak tsubasa, XXXHolic n Clamp in Wonderland..

Kalo Artist lainnya..bagus sih tapi kok berbau shonen ama petualangan semua?
Hima san gak suka serial canti ya? ^o^

8 03 2009

karya CLAMP yang g suka mungkin cm Kobato (yg paling baru. ‘bis Kobato imoet bgt XD). Sisa2nya g gak gitu demen. Apalagi, g berasa sering dikecewain CLAMP, dari segi cerita, sih. Kalo dari segi gambar si…, yah… gitu deh… XD Cakep2 si…, tapi entah kenapa, kekna kurang berkesan…

Kalo soal artwork bagus, kata g si, Amano Kozue!!! XD tapi mulai dari seri ARIA aja. Pas AQUA n sebelumnya si biasa2 aja. Kalo di ARIA n Amanchu, kereeennnn, trutama warna airnya… XD

Trus, ada yang tau Azumi (Adumi) Tohru? G gak segitu sukanya si, tapi mnurut g, gambarna bagus n (cukup) berkesan ^_^

Laennya, mungkin g suka yang ngegambar buat Vanillaware (tak tahu namanya XD).

8 03 2009

tambahan… XD Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (EVA) juga gambarna keren2 XD (sebagai penggemar EVA dan .hack niii XD)

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