The Dark & Beatrice & Di(e)ce

4 04 2009

Don’t worry, you’re still in the same Palace Behind The Moon of Tsukiokuhime/M.V./Auratea/Kei-chan, the HUSHBANDO of Ke-chan/Ke-chap/veresade and daughter of Dino & Hibari of Alternate Universe *claps*.

The header is from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. Edited by your beloved really Tukiokuhime.
The newest icon is from Yamamoto Kana’s free artwork.

This wordpress is dedicated mostly for Doujin Musicians and Ar Tonelico. I’ll try to lessen the number of BL related thingy here since my LJ is dedicated for my BL obsession. If you’re interested, go and friend my LJ, nah, it doesn’t like there’s any BL fan here since you happened to found this site when you typed ‘Ar Tonelico’ on google, right?

Then now, let’s talk about some new member in Tuki’s fandom :

– Love Solfege/Mizuki Anmi [doujin circle, #4Diva after Shimotsuki, Rurutia, & Shikata]
– Di(e)ce
– Umineko no Naku Koro ni
– Axis Power Hetalia
– and other fandoms which is as you might expected, BL related *at least Tuki thought so since it’s coming from ZERO SUM*

————— D I ( E ) C E —————

Su, advance thine pawn
I shedd make my move
Thou art epitome of beauteous
Thou neer die
Neer Thou ever revive
The Game neer end
Neer the game meets its end

4580143039007.jpg picture by DarkWingedPhenix

Naruse Kazuki is called ‘KING’ by people around him due his ability to win every game and gained the highest scores. Koutake Haruki, the student council leader sent some people to escort him home after Yuki Shirakawa failed to bring him, however, Kazuki defeated them easily and still insisting on playing until Haruki himself came and bring him back for a basket ball tournament in school.

They had a celebration in Student Council room only to realize Haruki & Kazuki’s birthday is tomorrow [11 November]. Kazuki then teased Yuki acting as Haruki, Yuki pointed out how Haruki and Kazuki are so much alike, the hair and eyes color are the only difference between them along with Haruki wearing glasses. The two of them said that they absolutely has no realtion whatsoever aside from being childhood friend.

The next day on their birthday, the snowstrom had fell on Tokyo. The heater of the school seems to be broken or something that the temp is very high. Kazuki who can’t stand heat for too long was on his to unsuder store room when he bumped onto someone named ‘Shion’, Kazuki remembered him as someone who defeated all his arades scores. Yuki & Kazuki arrived in the storeroom only to had them locked by someone. The intercom suddenly announce students only has 3 hours left to leave the school.

Yes, the game; D I ( E ) C E had begin on 11 November, the day when the game was created 16 years ago on the day Naruse Kazuki & Koutake Haruki born to this world.

A hymmn was yea ra chs hymmnos mea nn i ga EXEC hymme METAFALICA echoes and most of students either gone mad or died. Kazuki then got a call from someone called ‘QUEEN’ that told him to escape or he’d die. Kazuki then called Haruki who was alone on student council room. However, Haruki was ambushed by someone, enraged, Kazuki takes a bat and broke the door, running to Haruki’s aid.

Haruki himself managed to escape and hides inside a chem lab, he then sees reflection of a girl, thinking that the girl wants him to fight, Haruki decided to fight. (In a way we don’t know since i’ve never seen Haruki fights and it’s enough to think or guess that Haruki has many secrets we never know.)

On his way, Kazuki and Yuki were attacked by mad students. Kazuki complained how hot it is before charging toward the enemies; his eyes are glinting with passion.

Back to Haruki who is clening his hand from blood with his handkerchie (makes me more and more curious about his fighting ability), he went to Broadcasting room and find a CD of hymmn. He then make an announcement about escaping the school ASAP. Glad that Haruki is save, Kazkui run toward the enemies again (still having those weird glint on his eyes). Haruki recalled something about Kazuki fainting between the sunflowers on a hot day. After defeating students around them, Yuki noted how weir Kazuki’s condition is, Yuki even helped Kazuki to walk. Kazuki collapsed and a mad student came to attack them, however, Haruki is there to the rescue, he beat the student with mic stand and rushed to Kazuki’s side. Kazuki hugged Haruki and then Haruki carried him on his back. On their way outside, another mad students encountered them, seeing how Yuki is unable to fight, Haruki thought he has to fight by himself. Suddenly, Shion appeared and defeats them all. He introduced himself as Saiguuji Shion then touched Kazuki’s cheek. Kazuki realized that his condition is better now. Shion said he’s player of the GAME and he can use spells but only for Kazuki. Kazuki then collapsed again.

Kazuki dreamt about someone touching his neck and woke up on Shion’s lap. He cried to Haruki, accusing Shion something. Shion told Kazuki that his duty in THE GAME is to protect Kazuki (OMG, he’s a stalker). The four of them then fight the enemies, seeing how Kazuki is so absorbed in the game with that odd glint on his eyes, Haruki felt something weird.

In the faculty room, they found keys and run again to the music room. Inside the music room, all students are dead in horrible condition. They’re affected by the heat so they’re dead while the Kazuki & Yuki were inside a store room so they’re not affected. Haruki questioned why he’s not affected and Shion said because Haruki is also a player. Kazuki is happy while Haruki is not, he then yelled about how reckless Kazuki is, Kazuki then said if they’re dead, they can just reset the game. Haruki was about to punch Kazuki but Shion pushed him aside, sending him to the pool of blood. Haruki stared at his hands while Kazuki yelling at Shion. Kazuki tried to talk to Haruki but Haruki turned away.

In that very condition, Yuki’s phone rang. The caller wants to talk to Haruki. Haruki get the phone and someone says he wants to fight him properly. Haruki remembers a girl that wanting him to fight. The caller then said that made Haruki freeze. Haruki then said he has something to do and can’t go together with them then hands the key to Kazuki. Kazuki asked why Haruki leave and promise he’ll fix his mistakes. Haruki still leave after asking Shion to protect Kazuki, he said; “Sugu Oitsuku yo…” then leave.

The rest rushed to the capel/cathedral*?* while Haruki was walking alone. He thought that he can’t fight (liars, liars) than a student tried to kill him, however, someone helped Haruki by killing that someone.

They arrived at their destination and asked Yuki to open the door. Haruki appears and Kazuki glomped *uhn, hug* Haruki, however, as we can see, something is WRONG with Haruki as he’s different from before and Shion realized this when Haruki thanked him for taking care of Kazuki. Kazuki the asked Haruki not to leave again then they enter the room. Yeah, Shion is showing some kind of annoyed/disgusted face.

Inside, they’re searching for a key hole, Haruki sighed, hoping this moment could last forever with distant face. They found it on a statue, the statue broke and a hear is inside. The door suddenly opened and a man in black appears, he fights Shion and Kazuki run to fight the man. Haruki tried to stop him but late, the man stabbed Kazuki on his chest. Kazuki noted how Shion and that man are so much alike, just like him and Haruki. The man smeared Kazuki’s blood on the heart and the mirrors crashed, helicopter is waiting outside.

Haruki told Kazuki they can get outside, Shion carries Kazuki on his arms then walks away, leaving Haruki who instead of walking to the helicopter walks back inside the school. Haruki turned, smiling, “Sugu oitsuku yo…

Before he completely faints, Kazuki cried, “Iya…oitekanaide…

T H U S  T H E  G A M E  B E G I N S

Thanks to the doctors, Kazuki is still alive. He angsted over the fact Haruki is not with them. The news reported about how their school is complete chaos now and they’re the only remaining (not really~).

Shion then explain to them abou the GAME they’re in; DI(E)CE. That game was created on 11 November and it was coincidence(i don’t know it is true or not) that Haruki and Kazuki born that day, thus, they’re crowned with title ‘KING’. The goal of the game is for two kings to killed each other. Kazuki asked Shion were he cried and then a boy named Naoto came with MELON. He is a star of Tokusatsu show that Yuki likes and also a player. They then went to Haruki’s house to find it empty. Shion then give somekind of ‘vision’ where they see Haruki sitting on a chair with the blakc haired man who killed Kazuki by his side. That man and Shion has title/position of ‘BISHOP’. The game itself is being wathced by the ‘MAKER’ who execute the game and setting the stages. Kazuki cries, he wants to meet Haruki again, Shion told him to finish the game in order to meet Haruki.

In his room, Kazuki found a picture of him and Haruki when they’re small then he escape his room. Naoto is attacked by someone (probably the MAKER) and woke up in a theme park with Kazuki. The 1st stage of them game has begin…

All that Tuki understands, DI(E)CE is a game created by THE MAKER with unknown purpose on 11 November 16 years ago.You can said this game is like ‘chess’.
Haruki is the black KING while Kazuki is the white KING.
Gara is the black BISHOP while Shion is the white BISHOP.
Naoto seems to be the white ROOK and someone Haruki saved seems to be the black ROOK.
or vice versa.
There’s also PAWN; Yuki. Yuki himself has another persona; Ruka. Ruka is Yuki who knows about Di(e)ce and was born remembering his job as PAWN. Currently, Ruka has goal to kill the WHITE Side aka. Kazuki’s side.
Each side is counterpart of another side. Haruki is counterpart of Kazuki and Shion is counterpart of Gara.

There’s several people watching this game, probably MAKER’s agents or so.


Welcome to Advarielle-san who always use polite language, really, there’s no need to be so formal here.
dsignlicious-san, too, welcome.
Crimson-Moon-san, fellow Luca fans, welcome here.
♥♠Mi~chan²♠♥ ♣♦Yu Yu♦♣-san, as well as ravenskytd2b-san, welcome too.
I’m so happy ^ A ^

Frawn-nii & Anette-san, don’t you stop coming here, i’ll definetly answer your comments~

NEXT : LOVE SOLFEGE, stay tuned and shall i entertain you with a game so you won’t get bored?




22 responses

4 04 2009

Nice review and your new layout also great.

5 04 2009

Nice Banner & Layout, Hime-chan ^^
jadi DI(E)CE itu genrenya apa?

5 04 2009

i’m glad i’m welcomed here ^^
the layout’s really give a different image with the AT2 ver, but this one’s so cooool ^^

ahh, bhs inggris tu susah yak, mesti latihan lagi ni XD

btw, sekedar info, dsignlicious, rin2, n ravenskytd2b itu g sendiri^^
karena keperluan tugas, jadi ngelog ke blog yg beda2 ^^
tapi lain kali, bwat di sini, kayakna aku pake account ini aja ^^ sori dah buat bingung XD
dan, biar gpg nyebutna, panggil raven, ravensky ato apapun lah ^^ (up 2 u). soalnya nama blognya agak susah kan? ^^

6 04 2009

oh ya…
A Reyvateil’s Melody sekarang pindah ke sini :
link yang di sini sudah ga bisa dipake.Please re-direct ke yang baru ya ^^

7 04 2009


Thank you very much, Hime-san for welcoming me here. I’m very grateful.

The new layout is deeply influenced by Umineko or rather Beatrice, the Golden Witch full black and gothic style. It so different than the previous bright and cheerful AT atmosphere, but dont worry I like the change. Its refreshing. Hime-san, have you read the manga of Umineko? I already read the first volume and my first impression is “Battler is a pervert ^^;” It haven’t reach the sppoky part, yet. Except for the preview prologue and the Ushiromiya intense family relation (its really intense they should learn about family or sibling love).

And the review is good. I get a feeling that the atmosphere is kinda like the no naku koro ni series where you cant trust anyone, but the tournament stuff is similar to Fate/Stay Night. It will be great if they can use Noble Phantasm. I bet it will make the battle more intense. I’m going to find and read this Di(e)ce, it seems very interesting. 🙂

7 04 2009

aih, pada ngomongin umineko, jadi pengen nonton juga XD
tapi abis ujian aja lah XD

8 04 2009

Frawn-san, I have joined the new forum as well. I still use the same username, so lets have a nice conversation in the forum and please tell me your username, too (I have seen your name in the forum. Is it you, Frawn-san?). Is Hime-san joins the forum as well, if Hime-san join, I’m sure we will have a good time there, too. Ravenskytd2b-san should join the forum, too (AT fans will always be accepted there 🙂 ). If anyone I listed already joined the forum, please tell me your username, so I can find you, okay? 🙂

8 04 2009

usernameku Frawn
aku lumayan sering kesana koq ^^;

8 04 2009

OK, Kalau begitu kita chatting di sana juga nanti. 😀

8 04 2009

@Minna-san : Uuu, thank you *hugs*

@Frawn-nii : Hmmm, shounenai, adventure, mystery, fantasy…

I’ve joined the forum and my name is of course…my current name~

8 04 2009

^^; Shounen ai…

8 04 2009

@Frawn-nii : euh, not really…Because sometimes i see it as way-too-deep-identical-being realtionship*?*
Well, one has to die anyway in the end…[Saki Oto is specialist of tragic and angst complicated story]

You can enjoy it while ignoring the somehow-it-feels-BL part

9 04 2009
9 04 2009

Umineko anime, huh. If you observe the artwork of the game, the manga, and the anime, you will a large art evolution just look at Battler, Maria, Jessica, etc. I mean they become significantly better with each adaptation just like it Higurashi counterpart (this doesn’t mean I hate the original artwork, but the later adaptation artwork is definitely better than the original).

Okay, enough about the artwork. What I worry the most is can they adapt the story from the game to manga and anime perfectly. Since Higurashi anime is kinda off in the 1st season and the manga is fine so far. Will Umineko suffer the same fate? I hope not, it will a waste of a good story.

11 04 2009

Di(e)ce masuk list ^^

11 04 2009

Untuk informasi: Naoto=Knight. 😀 Persona lainnya namanya Kirito.

12 04 2009

Ahn, thank you Natsuki-san *hugs*
KING : Kazuki/Haruki
BISHOP : Shion/Gara
KNIGHT : Naoto/Kirito
PAWN : Yuki & Ruka

12 04 2009

You’re welcome Tuki-san~ 😀

FYI, be ready for changing shipping preference like me in latter chapters LOL I swear that Naoto is a real Knight in any kind of view XD XD XD His hinted unstable mentality and mommy/overprotective attitude? WIN ❤

(Alas, Yuki is really in unfavourable position right now :< I’m beginning to feel for him and Ruka ;_; Why all Saki Otoh’s story have tormented bishies anyway? XD)

14 04 2009

Saki Oto is zankoku na megami, but her story is simply awesome. I can’t stop reading DAISU no matter how tragic the ending might be…

14 06 2009

Udah baca sebagian besar manganya, walopun gal ngerti karena gak ada transletnya. Untuk golongan josei manga, cukup sadis juga. Malahan sempat kukira genrenya shounen. Artworknya bagus banget. Oh ya, semua pemainnya baik di pihak putih maupun hitam bakal punya wajah yg sama, ya? Bakal susuah ngebedain wajah mereka, nih.

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