and finally what i truly, honestly, think about 3rd hymmnos concerts

3 07 2011

I’ve been meaning to write this since a long time ago, actually, ever since i first listened to Ar Tonelico III Hymmnos Concerts. There’re so many feelings and thoughts running in my head upon listening to the 3rd Hymmnos Concerts; bewilderment, confusion, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, but among it all, disappointment was the feeling that dominated me the most.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying i hate these two hymmnos concert, but honestly, i could only go as far as liking them, not loving them like i did to four previous hymmnos concerts. As i mentioned earlier, the hymmnos concerts are kinda underwhelming, in my opinion though. I just cannot find the feelings i had in four previous concerts. There’s just something missing and saying i don’t know what is it would be a complete lie, so i’ll just say what i think is missing from this one. The missing performers, obviously. Why don’t they just stick with four singers instead of using so many people that we’re not familiar with? They could just use Shikata, Shimotsuki, Mitose, and Ishibashi, i don’t see anything wrong with it. Yes, they might add Kokia but even i don’t agree completely with that action.

When i first listened to the 3rd hymmnos concerts, i honestly felt; what fuckery is this? Who are you? Is this even Ar Tonelico?

The first hymmnos concert i listened to was Ar Tonelico 3 Hymmnos Concert Side Blue ~SAKIYA=RUMEI. The instrumental piece, honestly, i never really pay attention to them, even in previous hymmnos concerts (;-__-) so merrily skip this one. Moving on to the first actual hymmnos 謳う丘~Harmonics TILIA~, for an Utau Oka, this song sure is underwhelming. True, i didn’t instantly like Harmonics FRELIA too at first but with some repetition, that song doesn’t only stuck in my head, i’m getting fond of  Harmonics FRELIA. Even after i finished the game, which required me to hear that song again and again, i can’t find myself becoming fond of this song, this song just got stuck, due to being heard multiple times and just that.

EXEC_EP=NOVA/. , you don’t have to ask me, ever since i heard the song in preview, i knew i just cannot like this song. I tried to listen to this song and it’s still a big no. I just cannot stand this song, in my opinion, this song didn’t justify the magnificent glorious singer that is Shikata Akiko. She could do so much more, so much better, but then she crafted this song, which is maybe a good song for some other people but in my opinion, this song is a big-fat-red-no. End of story.

EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/. is like salvation, rain to dried scorching earth. The song begins with calmer tune, sooting my sobs-wounded-sobs-soul. This song was superb and well done, perfectly well done that i can’t even find the flaw in it, is there even any? When the tune changes into more dramatic pace, when the climax of the song came, you know eargasm? I think that’s the only word that could describe my feelings. This kind of song, is the kind of song that did justify Shikata Akiko, she met our expectation just like how we knew she should, did disappoint me with previous song but she made up with this song, i think she overdid herself in making up to me because this song is my favorite out of Concert Side Blue.

Toki no Suna, where did this song came from, again? A song used in Saki’s good ending that i don’t get to hear in the game since i’m obviously taking Finnel’s route. Umm, i hate the way Saki always say; ~desu in the end of sentence. My classmate used that and let me tell you, enough is enough. Moving on to the song, imo, there’s nothing really special from this song. It’s good, the melodies are warm and gentle, but comparing to her other non-hymmnos works, this song definitely could only be described as generic. I can see myself repeating Suiren or Utakata no Hana again and again till i got bored with it, but i cannot see myself doing the same to this song.

EXEC_METEMPSYCHOSIS/. is the debut of Yoko or whoever she is. She might have done hymmnos before but i never heard her so this was very much her debut for me, not to mention this is the first time i’ve heard of her. After listening to this song, i came to a consclusion; this song is good, but that’s that. There’s no hook to this song, i don’t find anything special with this song, another underwhelming moment for me. Though Akane sung this song magnificently in the game, i still don’t find this song good enough to be listened to regularly.

EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/. marks the arrival of KOKIA, which is not as impressive as if she arrived with the next song. Her vocal opens the song before moving on to actual vocal, as expected from Kokia, she did it magnificently. As for the song itself…honestly, it’s nothing special, like i mentioned earlier, it’s good but it only went as far as that. True it is better than EXEC_METEMPSYCHOSIS/. but out of 3 songs Kokia made for this game, this one is definitely on the very bottom.

EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/. is different matter all together, it’s the best hymmnos Kokia crafted for this game. It’s rich, it’s eart-shattering, it’s heart shaking, it’s grand, it’s perfect. I don’t know what else to say, Kokia, this time, really outdid herself in impressing us. Ever since i heard this song on hymmnos preview, i already got attached to this song. I tell myself that; ah, i’m going to like this song. Out of all hymmnos in hymmnos preview, only three songs got this treatment and this song is one of them.

Hikari no Naka is my second favorite song from Kokia and third favorite song from hymmnos concert blue. Kokia tends to make people cry with her gentle and shooting tunes, they could get boring sometimes due to being to lax, but sometimes they’re just heart-warming and beautiful, Hikari no Naka is one of them. Her voice is as lovely as it could get, the melody is nicely done, and the arrangement is more than perfect, i couldn’t ask for more. Even i have to agree this song is the best ending song.

Ec Tisia is probably one of my biggest disappointment. In Ar Tonelico, we got trio of Mitose, Shimotsuki, & Shikata. In the next installment, we got duet from Shimotsuki & Shikata. I didn’t like the idea one bit at first but then i realized the game demanded the song to be sung by only two people so, yeah, i could pretty much live with it. But this? I don’t see a reason why they don’t make a trio of Shikata, Shimotsuki, and Kokia, i’m sure we’d love to hear it. There’re many opinions as for why and maybe this is just me being selfish and biased, but i really don’t like this one bit. I cannot live or get used to it. The song, in my honest opinion, is not even special, even EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/. sounds better to me. If they wanted to use solo, they could at least get a better song. My favorite part of this song is the part where harmonics EOLIA became harmonics FRELIA, funny, because it’s actually not the song itself. The new original part of Ec Tisia, as for me, is nothing special. Again, term it’s good but that’s that is used for this song. I don’t even remember how this song sounds like.

Moving on to Ar Tonelico Hymmnos Concert Side Red SUZUNO=MIYA. Do not expect tons of compliments from me. I don’t even know how to describe how i utterly and completely underwhelmed by this one. Shimotsuki saved me, that’s the only thing that i can tell. Honestly, i’m not even interested in giving detailed impression of each song, they’re way too udnerwhelming. I don’t know why they decided to make this one garbage can, with Mitose gone, i know she did one song but only ONE, and Shimotsuki only crafted three songs, there really is nothing much to say about this one. But i’m not saying this one is a complete waste, in fact, here is where my favorite song lies.

風標 is not a memorable song at all, i don’t even remember ever heard this song. Ishibashi did better in making a filler song. Not completely underwhelming but not overwhelming too, just generic.

If Concert Side Blue has EXEC_EP=NOVA/. to be despised by me, then EXEC_CUTYPUMP/. is Side Red’s one big gaping hole. God, save me, why did this song even exist. Whenever this song came up, i ended up muting the sound or listening to other song with max volume, same thing i did when EXEC_EP=NOVA/. came out. But unlike EXEC_EP=NOVA/. this song came again and again. I utterly hate this song, yes, i even went as far as using strong word such as hate, but like the title of this post, this is what i truly and honestly feel about this song.

EXEC_FLIP_FUSIONSPHERE/. is a proof that there’s still salvation somewhere. People said that this song is the VIENA/. of Ar Tonelico III but, excuse me, are you kidding me? EXEC_VIENA/. is much more superb, wonderful, grand, rich, and earth-shattering than this one. This song is good, the harmony is beautiful, the vocal…let’s just not ask about how Shimotsuki’s vocal sounds to me because the answer is rather obvious. Everyone seems to like this song but as for me, even as for me the biased-Shimotsuki fan, this song is not that special. In fact, this might be placed at the very bottom of hymmnos Shimotsuki crafted for Ar Tonelico. This song is good, i like this song, but honestly, it could only go as far as that. I do not feel the shiver i feel when i listened to EXEC_VIENA/. , i do not feel tears leaking from my eyes like when i heard EXEC_RE=NATION/. this song is good, this song is a salvation, but it only went as far as that. I’m sorry, Shimotsuki-sama, but like i said, this is what i truly and honestly feel. Don’t worry though, this song is definitely higher than EXEC_REBIRTHIA=PROTOCOL/. which is saying something.

My utmost salvation from this hymmnos concert turned out not to be the song of salvation of the game; EXEC_ViiBaCi_MjiiRa/. completely had me smitten, smothered, in love, addicted, abducted, infected, obsessed, and any other words with close meaning to that. This one had got me, had its claws buried deep within me since Hymmnos preview came out. My thought was;i’ve found my true love and muse. The song is sick, the lyrics is insane, and the vocal is magnificently mind blowing. Eargasm? This song truly went more than that, Shimotsuki not only overdid this song, she did something more than overdoing herself. The moment of underwhelming has ended, let’s welcome the moment of overwhelmed! I think this song is one of her best piece for Ar Tonelico, i even had to say this one is better then EXEC_PURGER/.#Aurica Extracting. Needless to say, this song is my favorite from Ar Tonelico III.

chmod b111000000n decided it’s time to end my moment of joy and happiness. I don’t even know who sing this song but it’s completely udnerwhelming, i don’t like her vocal one bit. I can only remember how annoying the beginning is and that’s all. Let’s move on.

EXEC_Z/. is probably the only song coming from new singer that i like. Despite being too J-Popish and losing the hymmnos feel almost completely, i can tolerate this song and is actually one of my favorite song from Hymmnos Concert Red, this deserved to be one of the salvation song. But then again, this song completely miss the part that makes it a hymmnos and it’s not really a good thing. Sometimes i think this song doesn’t deserved the title of hymmnos but it is it.

METHOD_HYMMELI/. ah, i have to say i never really a fan of Katakiri Rekka’s voice. I obviously prefer Chata or Riya, even Rita and Annabel more than her voice. The song is good but again, not really memorable. The good thing is this song doesn’t miss the hymmnos feeling from it, which is, a very very good thing.

XaaaCi. marks the coming of Mitose Noriko. I honestly miss her and is very sad to see what she’s been reduced to… i make it sounds like she’s been tortured. But this is very much like a torture, she used to be one of the main trio only to be removed and replaced. Mitose is one of singer that often works with GUST but then she treated her like this, urgh, i’m very very sad. She deserved better and thankfully, this one song isn’t as bad as the other songs, not as eargasming as her previous works, but Mitose did her charm to me by making me listen to this song. Surely, this one is one of my favorite.

星巡りの詩 did a good job in closing this concert side Red. This song is one of generic but addictive and heart touching song. It starts off with Shimotsuki’s gentle voice and piano background, i absolutely love piano. The song starts to change its pace, more gran and rich than the first verse on bridge before completely shaking my heart. Ah, this is what you call love. The lyrics are beautiful and i think it fits Finnel completely, which is why i’m really fond of this song, it meets its purpose.

By reading all i write above, i think it’s safe to say that the third hymmnos concert failed to meet my standard, most of them are underwhelming and not memorable. I don’t even dare to compare this with the previous hymmnos concerts. To say i’m disappointed is an understatement, i’m completely, utterly, disappointed would do it.

I don’t really have anything more to say, but if i had to mention the good part of these concerts, which does exist, it’s the that i could get to hear three earth shattering songs; EXEC_ViiBaCi_MjiiRa/., EXEC_FLIP_ARPHAGE/., & EXEC_COSMOFLIPS/.




7 responses

3 07 2011

And you know, some of these thoughts you posted are pretty much like insults for the ones who liked these Hymmnos Concerts, and like the songs like Ec Tisia despite the controversial decisions that went into their making due to their significance and feelings.

Plus, you didn’t even bother to read the composer comments, right? You didn’t bother to see why they tried expanding the scope of the songs in comparison to previous entries?

No, most of the songs are bad, an insult to Ar tonelico, underwhelming…
And by the way, that comment you put about Fusionsphere was the ultimate insult to me, due to that song representing the same thing that Viena represented for me in At2.

5 07 2011

First off, i’m very sorry that most of my comments insult everyone who likes these hymmnos concerts. I think people can have different opinion and this is my opinion. I respect your opinion and i have no problem against it, you can like them and i can not like them.

Second, yes, i did not read it. I don’t have the hymmnos album and i don’t know where to read them, i’ve been out of this fandom for almost a year and more, that until my sis bought the game few months ago. I’d be thankful if you could tell me where to read them so maybe i can change my selfish opinion.

About Fusionsphere, i’m not saying i hate it, i just don’t think it’s as great as Viena. In fact, this is one of my favorite song like i mentioned above. I’m not saying the song is bad, ugly, and not worth listening to. It is a Shimotsuki’s piece of work and no matter what, i’m always, always, tied to her works.

Thank you for letting me know your opinion, i appreciate and respect them at the same time. I will try to improve my writing so it won’t be as offensive anymore and i will definitely think more carefully before writing :))

13 07 2011

I think GUST team just wanted to experiment with broader music styles, and for that they recruited new singers. However, I aware that new things aren’t always acceptable to old fans i.e. you. But you see, that’s how an “improvement” works. The result might be dissapointing for some, but I’m sure they tried their best not to just walk on circle. They’re doing this because they want to give fans the best of their works, by keep improving. It’s a common business strategy, you know. If we just stick with old products without trying new things, we won’t be able to compete with new competitors, and eventually left out.

I’m sure you’re aware that Ar tonelico itself was a result of GUST’s experiment. They made an unique concept where songs play a great role in-game. They were even experimenting with new language and new music style. Do you think they ever expected that Ar tonelico would receive such great appreciation in its concept and musics? One thing for sure : If GUST team didn’t dare to improve with new things back there, Ar tonelico itself would never existed.

I know you’re one of some who feels dissatisfied with the result, but couldn’t you put it in better words? Expressing opinion is fine, but there’s that thing called self-control 😀

15 07 2011

My deepest and biggest apologize to anyone who feel offended, i’m sure there’re tons of them. And i cannot throw excuse like; hey, the title is what i truly and honestly think, it just doesn’t justify me and i’m aware. I can add sugar coated words and kinder words, but… okay, let’s just admit it’s my fault and move on. I’ll put sugar next time.

What people seem to find in here is how i HATE these hymmnos concerts while in fact, like i’ve stated, I DO NOT HATE these. I don’t like it, sure, but i won’t use word as strong as HATE. There’s a song i HATE but only one, and it doesn’t make me HATE these all. Some of them are magnificent, mind-blowing, WHAT-IS-LIFE-BUT-THIS-SONG, and all fangirling words i’d use but you wouldn’t understand, the three favorite piece i mentioned above is practically one of the best hymmnos ever created. And like, the best because whenever i feel down, i listen to at least one of them to relieve the tension.

Maybe i should write another opinion from different take, don’t you think? I’ll write it, i promise, so people won’t misjudged me from being a-total-bitch and what not.

You’re always so kind ;____; i appreciate you the most, nii-san

15 07 2011

nah, I didn’t mean to judge you. Maybe it was my mistake too, forgetting that it was what you really think of the albums. I cannot force my opinion on you, but it wouldn’t hurt if you consider the feelings of people who will be reading your comments as well. Some people might like what you don’t like, and the opposite. I didn’t dislike how you’re so blunt, that’s for sure 😀

15 07 2011

You’re not forcing my opinion on me or forcing me to change my opinion, i wouldn’t change it anyway OTL
I really should have put and use better word next time, i hope my newest post could make it up, go read it while it’s still fresh. It’s another honest opinion and i think i covered up the venom nicely for one part, or at least i hope so.

Again, you’re just so kind, sobs /weeps

10 10 2014
blu_kyappy (@blu_kyappy)

No post about ciel nosurge n ar nosurge?

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